Block Management

Bricks and mortar build a house. But it takes much more to build a home.

That matters to us, it means we need to get to know you, and it’s our job to make your environment, stress-free, beautiful and a great place to live. We take it personally.

With every block of apartments that we manage we work closely with the Management Company as the Managing Agent to deliver the best service possible for that particular development. We’ll take care of all the day-to-day management of the site as well as planning for the future of the development, so that the residents can simply enjoy the beautifully maintained spaces, that we help to provide.

Right to Manage

When Leaseholders are tired with their incumbent managing agent sometimes the answer is to form something called a Residents Management Company. It’s a legal entity that allows residents to take control of the running of the development they live in.

The solution is to take matters into their own hands by setting up a Residents Management Company under the ‘Right To Manage’ legislation. Having your own company gives you the control to run your own buildings affairs and make decisions about the management and up-keep of your home, including setting the service charge, repairs and maintenance, insurance etc. Power to the Leaseholders!

Taking control of the management of your development is an empowering step, allowing you to make decisions on the important matters affecting the property and ultimately, your home. We can help you with this journey and once the new Management Company is established we will continue supporting you as your Managing Agent.

Some of the Block Management Services that we offer:

✔ Online Portal specific for your development
✔ Exceptional Customer Service
✔ Site inspections and reports
✔ On-site staff
✔ Meetings
✔ Planned Maintenance
✔ Contractor Management
✔ Financial Planning including budgets and periodic reports
✔ Collection of Service Charge
✔ Health and Safety Services
✔ Collection of Ground Rent
✔ Insurance
✔ Company Secretary
✔ Right to Manage
✔ 24/7 Emergency Line
✔ And more…